Costs and Timelines for Business Signs

Interior Signs for DOSC in Edmonton, Alberta
Interior Signs for DOSC in Edmonton, Alberta

So, you are looking to install signage for your business; what should you be thinking about when starting the process? In our experience, there are three main things that are top of mind for our new clients: price, timelines, and quality.

When we begin working with a client, we want to confirm what is most important to them and what their objectives are for the sign project. From there we'll determine the best path forward by making sure we achieve the right balance between aesthetics, quality, and delivery.

How much do business signs cost?

To give you an idea on starting costs, externally illuminated signs typically start at $4,000, with their non-illuminated counterparts starting at $1,500.

Just make sure you have a clear understanding on how much you have to spend on your business signs. Having that price point will help to identify the options and products are in the realm of possibility for your project. 

How quickly can I get a sign for my business?

Try to give yourself a three month window for the full sign process – this will help you feel less rushed and less stressed if you have to meet a hard deadline. 

We manufacture and provide design all our signs in-house so we have full control over the timelines. Depending on if you require some help with brand work, the production phase for signs is relatively quick!

The real delay that you will need to account for is the permitting. In larger cities, you are looking at a minimum 4-6 weeks to attain the necessary permits. The sooner we know about the project the better,  that we can survey, design, get permits, fabricate, and install your signs by the time you need them!

How do I know if I'm making the right choice with my business sign?

Think about quality. You want a sign that will continue to look amazing for years to come with minimal maintenance. Quality comes from choice of product, appropriate (without rush) turn around times, and having an experienced team to manage your project.

Truthfully, 'the right choice of sign' really comes down to the company you are working with. Look for honesty and transparency in whoever you choose to work with, because they are the ones that are guiding how your budget is spent. And remember, if you want a cheaper product, done quickly, the quality will definitely not be as good.


Let's Get Started on Your Business Signs!

Our team works with you to design a product based on your budget, aesthetic, and timelines. We always offer the highest quality of sign, but we are happy to explore alternate options to help further meet your budget. Cost saving measures may include a change of size, material or layout; if you need business signs in Edmonton, Calgary, or Saskatoon we will get started on the right path!

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