New Promotional Product!

The Spalloon

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a new product that is great for all kinds of industries!



The Spalloon is a temporary sign that is eye-catching and effective at promoting your brand, products, and services. Operating with wind power, the Spalloon reduces time and money invested in marketing, while maximizing growth and returns to the business.

This sign is perfect for Real Estate, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, and more.


All Weather System

Canadian weather can be brutal; this isn't a problem for the Spalloon though! This sign works in all weather conditions. Wind powered to draw extra attention to your promotion or product.



We're tired of the same old ways to advertise products/events. This is a fresh take on helium balloons and other promotional signs that are sure to draw attention.


Save your Money

Invest in something you can use over and over again.


Save the Planet

Make a positive impact on the environment. Spalloon is a great alternative to single-use plastic balloons. 



Contact us today for a free quote!

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