Unique Sandblasted Signs for Your

What is a sandblasted sign?

Sandblasted signs are beautiful, handcrafted wood signs. Our sign are made of cedar and laminated with waterproof exterior glue. After we have the design, the 2x6 cedar board is cut and laminated to increase the sign's strength and durability. All signs are finish with four coats of Sikkens cetol 1 exterior wood finish. Artwork is completed using exterior grade sign paints. The completed sign is then given an ultraviolet clear coat for further protecting from sun, wind, and rain.


What applications do they work well for?

We have created sandblasted signs for a variety of clients. We often see these signs in more natural settings like parks and as 'Welcome' signs on the borders of small towns. The material and style for these signs lends itself well to these applications and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb with the natural beauty they are placed in. 

That being said, these signs have a ton of character and really could be used in a variety of applications - just depends on your brand aesthetic! 

What is involved with maintenance?

As with all things, cedar signs do require some maintenance. The frequency of this maintenance is determined by the type of weather to which the sign is exposed as well as the direction the sign faces. If the weather over the years is hot, dry, and windy, the sign will need maintenance sooner than if the weather is cool and rainy. Also, signs facing the North and the East will last longer before needing care than signs facing South and West.

Taking care of the sign before the weather takes its toll will cost less and extend the life of your sign and keep it looking beautiful!


Interested to see how your brand can be transformed into a unique sandblasted sign? Be sure to give us a call for a consultation!


Have a look at some of our sandblasted sign projects



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