Tips for Gaining More Foot Traffic

Location is everything for a business, especially if you are hoping to get lots of foot traffic. After you find the perfect place to set up shop, attention should be on how to stand out from neighbouring businesses. So what can a small business do to attract more foot traffic?

We work with businesses of all kinds, helping them put their best foot forward with sharp interior and exterior signage to highlight their brand. And after 50 years, we have really seen it all. Our team has pitched in to give their top tips for small businesses, to stand out and crate a welcoming, eye-catching storefront.


1. Replace burnt-out lights.

If there is one thing that detracts from the look of your business, it is having flickering or, worse yet, completely dead bulbs in your exterior signage or shop windows. These are easily replaced and will keep your brand and storefront looking well-cared for and fresh.


2. Know the vibe of the area and compliment it.

There's a fine line between sticking out like a sore thumb and standing out as an individual business. Take note of the vibe of the area you are in. What is the general aesthetic? Try to keep your exterior shop design tasteful to the area, and try to incorporate your branding in innovate ways. Think of the kind of presence you have online where most people are interacting with your brand; for instance, you could bring that personality you have on social media to messaging on promotional signage. 


3. Stay true to your small business roots.

People love to shop local and support small business owners because of the very distinct characteristics that set you apart from chains and larger corporate stores. A smile, great service, in-depth product knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm go a long way.


Be yourself and create an inviting space for passersby to stop and browse for a while. Theses are just a few tips, every brand is totally unique and designing your physical brand space will be a creative and exciting process!


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