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Britebox Storage Co.

The owners of Britebox Storage Co hired PM Signs Saskatoon to design and manufacture a pylon sign that would be unique, bright and represent their company.

PM Signs came up with an outstanding design. The 28’ structure combined (2) LED lit single sided 4’ x 18’ sign cabinets which also incorporated a 10’ x 18’ Daktronics Double sided 15.85 mmL Electronic display. The Orange box décor was then added to finish off this pylon.

This unique pylon will surely be an eye catcher at the corner of Wanuskewin Road and Marquis Drive where the new Saskatoon North Commuter Bridge is to be completed. Britebox will have its share of companies fighting for advertising spots which will be source of ongoing revenue.

Location Saskatoon
Client Britebox Storage Co.
Sign Type LED, Pylon, Sign Cabinet