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High Street

As part of the 124 Street area, High Street is one of Edmonton's most vibrant shopping districts.  Comfortably nestled along the north bank of the River Valley, the High Street shopping area needed a grand sign that was worthy of the one of a kind shops that lie beneath.  

In an effort to bring recognition and life back to the High Street area, the property owners contracted the services of our team at PM Signs Edmonton to create a magnificent arch to welcome visitors to the area.  Our team wanted to honour the architecture of the buildings by creating an arch that looked identical to a component of the original buildings.  The arch was designed to stretch from one building to the next without the use of free-standing posts to hold the structure; a design feature that further created the illusion that the sign had been part of the original Architecture. 

Due to the nature of the project a lot of engineering prowess was involved as only the most precise measurements and plans were going to allow for a successful design and installation.  The use of skeleton neon for the sign style and illumination was again a nod to a more traditional way of doing things.  

Neon signs are an extremely attractive and effective design tool that can be used to draw attention to an area or business.  The time-honoured tradition of neon was the perfect choice for this classically styled project.    

Location Edmonton, Alberta
Client Kor Alta Construction
Sign Type Architectural Signs, Neon Signs