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First- class signage was commissioned and created for PM Signs' client Silent-Aire.  As you approach the Silent-Aire compound a striking architectural sign draws your attention as it displays the Silent-Aire name, logo and address.  Closer to the building, it reveals the halo-lit channel letters that are bolted from underneath to give the carefully crafted illusion that they are set delicately upon the architectural feature at the front of the structure.  


In order to incorporate the Silent-Aire logo, the team at PM Signs Edmonton brought in a full engineering team to install the components.  The signs were mounted on the front corners of the building and anchored directly onto the glass wall.


The team at PM Signs Edmonton didn't stop there however; the interior of the building possesses a gorgeous stone feature wall where the PM Signs team suggested Silent-Aire include another eye-catching piece.  This interior sign is composed of solid-acrylic, pin-mounted letters and a logo.  These elements give the appearance that the sign is floating in thin air; a very classy addition to the foyer of the Silent-Aire building. 

Location Edmonton, Alberta
Client Silent-Aire Edmonton
Sign Type Channel Letters, Sign Cabinets, Acrylic Pin-Mounted, monument sign, LED