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LED Signs

LED Signs, also known as "Electronic Message Centres", are an excellent option for displaying business messaging. These attractive electronic signs can range from advanced graphic capability with vivid LED colours to a single colour LED message board.


Benefits of LED Business Signs:

- Display timely, relevant information

- Advertise in-store promotions or events

- High visibility at all hours of day

- Attract attention

- Flexibility in what's displayed

- Colourful, bright, and dynamic messaging

Success with Digital + LED Signs

Tech-forward retail spaces are the next big thing.“Digital signage” is an umbrella term with many different applications and options available for all kinds of budgets.

No matter how it’s actually deployed, digital signage is all about driving brand engagement — digital and LED signs can give your customers a totally new way of experiencing your business.

Companies can consider small-scale digital signage to test its impact, driving customer engagement and building the case for a larger or more advanced options down the road. Your initial digital sign project might path the way for other forms engaging sign applications for your business such as:

  • Interactive Touchscreens to experience your brand, services, and offerings
  • An Interior Video Wall to help bring your brand alive
  • Dynamic Pricing Displays

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective! 

Permitting for LED Signs

At PM Signs, we handle all aspects of managing your business sign project. Our services include attaining the correct permits, check out our sign project process

Did you know that St. Albert, Alberta updated their LED Sign regulations?

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LED Signs